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Regrow es una Startup que ayuda a las personas a ser parte del cuidado del medio ambiente, dándoles el poder de convertir sus residuos en algo útil, valioso, con una nueva vida. portafolio - Positionin
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The delicious

We set out to create a new visual identity and a web application that would match the quality of this startup. We help your small staff to create the website as a destination that would show (or, eat: P) their creations. We can proudly say that it has been a success.

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The juicy

Along the way, we resorted to interviews and workshops with the stakeholders, prioritizing the interaction and speed of the site for the user and the easy administration of the contents. Chuz wanted to adopt a fun and friendly approach to the image of his company, but more importantly, his overall appearance and feel needed to be easily understandable and simplistic, due to the amount of ingredients and possible combinations.

​​​​​​​We made different user journeys to identify the key points of the creation process of each meal, always taking into account the expectations of new users and providing a predefined menu to the not so adventurous.

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Our Tasty

Our team developed a great user experience for mobiles and browsers. We decided that the most efficient and prepared option for the future would be to build a totally customized application. This would allow us to deliver a high-performance application with a single code base, which could be maintained by a small team in Chuz.

We create a custom backend to allow you to control each state of the operation of the application. With real-time custom alerts, application administrators could know the status of the product inventory, the preparation status and the final delivery.

On the other side of the application experience, users can share their creations with other users and rate them, manage their order history quickly and easily.

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